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Peter Goring. Web developer / programmer since 2006. Experience working with many different types of customer. Creates solutions for networks and intranets. Enhances web presences for an array of clients.

Staxotrax is a venture of mine through which I can explore my different areas of interest, namely audio and visual projects and web development.

Staxotrax Sound & Light

Staxotrax Sound and Light was born in the early 1970s by my father and his friends. They would take equipment designed and built to their own specific designs to small gigs in the local area, providing a professional and friendly entertainment service. In the late 1980s the group were beginning to settle down and start their families, so Staxotrax went into hibernation.

As the twenty-first century rolled around, I found evidence of the olds days of Staxotrax in and around the house. My curiosity soon grew into a passion as more and more came out about the gigs, equipment and good times. I began to do small events for my friends and dabbled with the technical side of local amateur dramatic groups. From there Staxotrax Sound and Light blossomed and I now have regular gigs and a modest but loyal client base.  


My passion for web design and development stems from playing with basic programs whilst at school. I started creating personal websites for friends and family when I was about 16, as well as for my Scout group and local photographers. I also started creating small intranets for networks. I acquired a good reputation, and was soon building websites for businesses and continue to do so now under the name of Staxotrax Web Design and Development.